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Your position can also affect the chances of a bluff’s success. In most games with tough players, I’ve found it easier to bluff if I’m first than if I’m second and my opponent has checked. There are two reasons for this. If my opponent has checked to me, he knows he has shown weakness with his check, and when I bet, he suspects I am trying to take advantage of his weakness.


So he’s likely to call with any kind of hand. And, if he has a really bad hand, he might very well have tried to bluff himself. Since he checked instead, the chances are good he has a calling hand, and when I bet out on a bluff, he’s likely to call, even if he thinks he’s a small underdog. So in situations on the end where your hand can’t win by checking but where you have reason to believe your opponent may be weak, a bluff in first position is more likely to succeed than a bluff in second position.


Another significant advantage to last position is that when you make a strong hand you have more opportunity to win a big pot. You can sit there innocently with your monster hand and let the bettor to your left drive the other players around to you.