Who is Who Ramon Madaula

In most games the bets you save are as important as the bets you win, because your real goal is to maximize your wins and minimize your losses. Ideally you want the pots you win to be as big as possible and the pots you lose to contain nothing more than your ante.


Therefore, you would call, even though the chances are that you are making a mistake. The reason you call is that this mistake costs you only one bet, while the opposite mistake folding when you have the best hand costs you the whole pot. There is a better way, which is employed by most good players. They ask, “What are the various hands my opponent could have, and what are the chances he has each of them?”


They determine the best play for each of the possible hands, and they usually choose the best play against their opponent’s most likely hand or hands. If you win $100 in one pot but lose $120 trying to win four others, you have a net loss of $20. You may occasionally be in a game where the best strategy is to win as many pots as possible, but such games are exceptions, you must be sure.