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When deciding whether to bluff, your risk is a bet. Your reward is the pot (as well as advertising value if you show the bluff). When deciding whether to bet a mediocre hand before all the cards are out, you risk a bet. If successful, your reward (when your opponent doesn’t simply fold) is that you didn’t give a lesser hand a free card to outdraw you.


When you check a big hand, you risk losing a bet on that round as well as losing the pot to a hand that would have folded if you bet. Your reward is a check-raise or future bets on later rounds. When deciding whether to call, your risk is a bet, and your reward is the pot. Any poker decision can be put into these terms.


What do you have to gain (including future benefits on subsequent hands) by making a particular play? What do you have to lose? The ability to evaluate properly the risk-reward ratio for any poker decision is the ultimate test on the road to becoming a champion poker player. In England, his side have never been victim of a giant-killing act in either domestic cup competition, a run that spans 32 fixtures (29 wins and three draws).