Who is Who Calixto Bieito

As well as being a long-suffering Preston North End fan, Tony Paley has a formidable racing and punting pedigree, having edited the (then) Sporting Life Weekender and more recently played a significant role for the racing desks at the Observer and the Guardian.


Let thy stake be related to the depth of thy pocket and to what thou regardless as the true chance of the horse; that which hath the greater chance deserved the greater stake. Tony thinks deeply about the battle against the bookies and here are some of the most crucial fruits of his labors over the years. Phil Bull should be declared the patron saint of racing punters.


The bearded, cigar-chomping founder of the Time form system was a keen punter and deep thinker. In 1970 he was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph magazine, to which he provided his own version of the Ten Commandments or the Lord’s Prayer for Punters. Double and treble if you must; but bet not upon objections, for thou hast not the evidence and the stewards know not what they do. Finishing last means it’s likely the horse had an easy race, or there was an obvious problem, which might be cured next time. If connections decide, say in Avontuur’s case, that it didn’t handle fi bread at Southwell.