Who is Who Laura Conejero

The trouble is that unlike chess and many other games, poker is a game of speed. Every once in a while you are allowed to think about a hand, but in general you have to make decisions in a few seconds. Seek where thou wilt for winners, but bet only when thou sees value; deliver thyself from the temptation to bet in every race.


You can’t sit there for two minutes calculating odds, trying to read your opponents’ hands, trying to figure out what they are thinking, and then deciding upon your best play. For one thing the other players at the table wouldn’t tolerate your dawdling. Bill Turner will have runners ready for the first week of the season. Frequently, then, a different play becomes correct depending upon what your opponent has.


For example, a bluff raise might have a reasonable chance of working if your opponent has nothing but two aces. It has less chance of working if that opponent has aces up. It has little to no chance of working if he’s made a straight and no chance whatsoever against aces full. Nothing is of value unless you can trade it – and that’s why Betfair is the success it is. With Betfair there is an opportunity to retrieve a position that would otherwise have been lost.