Who is Who Pepe Rubianes

To determine whether a game is worth playing and how to play in a particular game, the two most important considerations are the structure of the game and the players in the game. The general principle operating here is the following: When one alternative will have slightly bad consequences if it’s wrong and another second alternative will have terrible consequences if it’s wrong, you may be right to choose the first alternative even when the second is slightly favored to be the correct play.


The perceived wisdom amongst punters is to back the lower league team when they play at home against a top division side, but this doesn’t always ensure a long-term profit. Market makers will offer cramped prices when an in-form Championship side hosts a below par Premier League team, with the added factor of a weakened line-up from the latter affecting the odds even further.


Probability tells us your opponent is a slight favorite about 55 percent to have his 8,7 low made when he bets, assuming he started with three small cards. When he does have an 8,7 low, you should not raise since you are a slight underdog and will probably get rearise. However, when one of your opponent’s up cards has paired one of his hole cards the remaining 45 percent of the time, a raise is very profitable since you are a big favorite.