Who is Who Ricard Reguant

Poker tends to be a game for quick-thinking people. Some geniuses are plodding thinkers, unable to come to quick decisions, and they can never become great poker players. On the other hand, some of the best poker players in the world are not super minds, but they are super-quick minds and can remember any mistake they and their opponents make.


Some combination of quick thinking and instant recall has to be developed if you want to become a poker champion. You must remember that reducing losses by not making the calls, for example, that a weaker player would make adds that much more to your win when the game is over. Of course, you can’t win money without winning pots, but attempting to win every pot or too many pots is a losing proposition.


The 2007/8 Carling Cup proved just how lucrative backing the lower league team when they travel to a top division club can be. Coventry defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford, landing odds of 10-1, and Leicester beat Aston Villa at Villa Park, where 5-1 was available. Only ten ties in the competition that year came under the category of ‘Premier League at home versus lower league’, giving backers a 50 per cent return on their money.