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There are two reasons for evaluating a game. One is to determine whether the game is worth playing. The second is to determine how to play in that particular game. When professional players consider whether a game is worth playing, they estimate their expected hourly rate and decide whether that rate is satisfactory.


Liverpool played Arsenal at Enfield towards the end of a season when Robbie Fowler was in his pomp. Arsenal had three days earlier clinched the Premiership title, and a few days later were due to play in the FA Cup Final. Social players in a home game are not generally so concerned with hourly rate. However, even they do not want to become regulars in a game where they have much the worst of it; nor do they want to get involved in a game whose stakes are either too high for their financial position or too low to be interesting.


Dan Roebuck is a familiar name and by-line to readers of the Guardian who enjoy a flutter, writing a regular column keeping them up to date with what has, will and may happen on the punting scene. To say a poker player is out to make money does not necessarily mean he is out to win pots.