Cities Where Most Billionaires Live

If there is a list of the most famous gambling havens, do you also ever wonder which city embraces the most number of billionaires? To give you an overview, New York City has reclaimed its throne.

The Big Apple has more three-comma participants than any other metropolis on the planet, with 107 billionaires valued at over $640 billion. So, to further discover where do billionaires choose to nest their hundred thousand bucks, check on the city’s name on the list below.

List of Cities Where Billionaires Live

Almost a 1/4 of the 2,668 tycoons on this year’s billionaires list live in some of these cities.

1-New York

Over the last year, New York has added eight new billionaires, as much as any other city on the ranking. The majority of them work in finance, including Josh Kushner, the founder of Thrive Capital.


The super-rich in China’s capital has lost $174.3 billion in their combined net worth since 2021 as a result of increased regulatory monitoring.


Hong Kong, one other nation with a significant decline in billionaires, lost a dozen over the year of market turmoil and rigorous Covid-19 rules. Casino millionaires were pushed out of the city’s super-rich ranks by the city’s stalled tourism economy.