Gambling Problems vs. Recreational Gambling

When does gambling stop being fun and games and start becoming a dangerous addiction? A person continues to gamble even though it is no longer enjoyable to do so. Any one item, when overdone, might cause issues. The same may be said about gambling. The “high” that compulsive gamblers seek may be experienced even when they come up short, which defies common sense. Like any good gambler, they start trying to gain back their losses.

Would You Get a Thrill From Losing?

When someone wins, they feel a rush of adrenaline. When you win, or even just anticipate winning, your brain releases chemicals like dopamine, which gives you a natural high. Yet the brain may react similarly when the loss is accompanied by aural and visual stimulation meant to keep you playing.

Warning Signs Your Gambling Problem Is Getting Worse

  • Sometimes going to the casino is a way to unwind and forget about one’s worries.
  • Relationships are being disrupted.
  • It got to the point where he was stealing from his own family in order to clear his obligations and fund his gambling habit.
  • Facing severe monetary difficulties like losing one’s job, one’s house, or one’s vehicle, and being buried under a mountain of credit card debt.