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Sports betting strategy
Are you the kind of person who only bets money on sports matches during a European or World Cup? Chances are that you will rely purely on your gut and just hope that you have luck on your side. This betting method does not work if you want to be successful in the long run. You need a strategy that you can stick to in all decisions. For example, it could be the type of bet you choose, but also how much money you reserve for each bet. Determining a strategy also sounds more complicated than it is. You can go a long way with a few simple guidelines. If you want more details about sports betting visit ‘portal apostas esportivas’.

Why a strategy is so important
Sports betting is not all about luck. You can steer fate a bit by being smart with your bets. First, you have to think about the financial picture. You can use your 500 euro gambling budget in one go and hope that you will make a big hit right away. That can of course go well, but you also run the risk that you will lose all the money immediately. Gone gambling budget, and gone is the chance to make up for that loss. A good strategy helps you to distribute your budget in a smart way. When determining the guidelines, you can also look at the type of bets. For example, choose a number of SureBets every week so that you win some bets anyway. Or focus entirely on combination bets and use the Parlay strategy for that. The most important thing is that you make agreements with yourself and that you stick to them. This way you avoid doing crazy things out of frustration and losing more than you can afford.

Value betting: looking for the best bet possible
You want to get the most out of your bets. You can therefore choose to only place bets that contain a value. With value betting, you look for bets where the odds are higher than you can expect based on your calculations. It is almost impossible for novice gamblers to estimate whether a match has value. But enough gambling experience in combination with good preparation can take you far.

Higher odds with the Parlay strategy
Low-risk gamblers often stick to bets with odds of 2.00 or lower. Ultimately, of course, you will not get rich with this. With the Parlay strategy, you can make these promising bets converting to high return bets. You do this by exchanging the single bets for combi bets. There is a chance that you will lose one of the bets and immediately lose the entire stake. The risk thus increases. However, if you intend to add only games with relatively low odds to your betting slip, then it is certainly realistic that you will win all bets. And that has a positive effect on the profit. With combi bets, the bookmaker multiplies the odds of the single bets so that you can automatically make more profit. Do you dare to follow the Parlay strategy?

Be smart and compare multiple bookmakers with each other
The Parlay system and value betting help you to rack up the highest possible winnings. But both strategies are risky. Fortunately, there is a safer way to go for the highest odds. It is a good (and especially simple) strategy to create an account with multiple bookmakers. Take the time to compare the odds on each bet. Do you get the most back at Kroon Casino for every euro you bet? Then that is the platform for your bet. Will Mr. Green show better odds than Casino Winner next time? High time to use your Mr. Green account. The difference between the bookmakers is usually not very big, but this strategy does yield financial benefits in the long run.

You are guaranteed to win with a Sure bet
Anyone who does not honor the small is not denied the great. With this saying in mind, you can choose to go for the SureBets. These are bets where you are guaranteed to make a profit. It seems contradictory to bet on sports and still be sure to win. Yet it is possible. For this strategy to work, you need one match and two bookmakers. For example, focus on the winner of the tennis match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. After selecting a match comes the tricky part: dividing your money. It is important that you divide the money over all possible outcomes. With one bookmaker you bet on a profit for Federer (2.20), and with the other, you bet with conviction on a profit for Nadal (2.00). You compensate for the difference in odds by betting a slightly higher amount of money on Nadal than on Federer. For example, bet 50 euros on Federer and 55 euros on Nadal. The total bet is 105 euros, while you will in any case get 110 euros back from one of the bookmakers. A guaranteed profit of 5 euros.