How Players Perceive Gambling?

According to study, responsible gamblers view gambling as a pastime game to enjoy without having any concerns, problems and stress. But for some it’s their way of relief without any limitations.

Gambling is just one among the many leisure that pursuits people engage into.

Gambling Perceptions by Gamblers

Gamblers with Control Enjoy Gambling


Springer’s Journal of Gambling Studies has revealed the findings in the studies of Richard Wood of GamRes Ltd. and Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University, about the exploration in the behavior, motivation and strategies of positive gamblers who are not at risk of developing gambling addictions. As hese gamblers have an effective management and control of their behavior in spending time and money on participating in the gambling activities. With that, for them gambling is just for enjoyment because they enjoy the notion of potentially winning big.


Gambling is an Escape for Some Gamblers


Wood and Griffiths, also found out that there are problem gamblers, who use gambling as a kind of escapism and frequently as their only social activity. They play to relieve themselves of a certain emotion they are in, such as boredom, worry, stress or upset as a result they tend to spend more time and money.