Popular gambling types in Germany

Gambling has always been an integral part of society in Germany. There are many people who gamble occasionally or even regularly/professionally. Since the advent of online casinos and gambling like dominoqq, their number has increased even further. In view of the now larger offer and the fact that online casinos have certain mass suitability, such a development was to be expected. Especially since the legal situation is now more manageable.

Most popular types of gambling in Germany



Even most land-based casinos focus primarily on slots, which is not surprising given the popularity of slot machine games. The selection is so large that players can easily lose track of them. If you don’t have a favorite game yet, take a look at the best slots. For the big win, progressive jackpot slots are usually best, but there are many more interesting options.


Sports betting

It’s no secret that Germans like to bet, and sports betting, in particular, is extremely popular. In the first place, of course, is football. After all, this is the national sport par excellence. But betting is also popular on other sports such as tennis. Since the outbreak of the crisis, a new form of sports betting has even appeared which is the so-called e-sports. Betting on games like Dota 2, League of Legends and PUBG is no longer so rare in this country.



In the past, there was only the state lottery in Germany, but that has now changed. In fact, there are more providers than ever before, which is also related to advancing digitization. Nonetheless, only a relatively small fraction can prevail, which is also due to the strong competition from the state. In addition to the classic lottery, raffles such as the pre-tour anniversary raffle are in demand.



Whether in the casino or in a cozy round with friends – poker is a popular pastime in this country. In addition to sports betting, it is one of the few types of gambling that is available to professional gamblers. However, the whole thing is by no means easy. While it wasn’t that hard to make money playing online poker a few years ago, it has become a real challenge because of the stiff competition. But it doesn’t have to be professional at all. After all, poker is also fun when playing with friends for money or other stakes.