Travelling Back to the Abandoned Yet Amazing Casino Spots in the World

Gambling is such a thrilling game to play on, so do the casino environment that imparts a heart stomping experience. This had already happened decades ago within the most interesting casino arenas.

But now, those playing halls were already abandoned. The gaming halls have been cleared out and the conversation of inveterate players has died out. Hundreds of lights that have long gone out have taken their toll on the game halls. Let’s try to look back on those abandoned yet amazing casino places.

The World’s Amazing Abandoned Casinos

Below is the list of casinos all over the world. But, they are not just ordinary casinos. They are already abandoned but became an amazing one during their times.

Casino Constantia

This astounding and majestic casino in Romania preserved its beauty until now even it is not already open for operation. Looking for afar, it resembles a small palace of the royals. But, getting closer to it will let you discover that it is already emptied for a long time.

Asbury Park Casino

During the 20th century, this casino has been competed for gaining the title of the most famous casino resort within New Jersey. The ambience and the panorama is really amazing as it offered a true complexity of real gambling experience.

The Bokor Cambodia Hotel & Casino

The Bokor was a colonial hotel of the French in Cambodia way back 1922. However, when the French decided to leave this luxurious haven on top of the mountain, the joyful events here also ended.