Gambling has a long history


Gambling has a long history. Probability and the attraction of playing with your luck are not new phenomena. It was almost always a popular pastime for people. Of course, the game wasn’t as sophisticated as it was back then, but there are some similarities. By the way, if you are mainly interested in modern games and slot machines where luck depends, we recommend playing casino slot machine games for free without registration. Therefore, you don’t have to risk your money and you can extensively test different slots without risk.

The Beginning of Gambling

The first game that depends on luck was probably invented over 5000 years ago. The first dice were made in 3000 BC. found. And used in China. However, the six-sided dice that are common today were created in 2000 BC. Manufacture. Found in Egypt. These cubes were still made from bone and ivory. Another cube found there was in the shape of a pyramid.

As with gambling itself, the corresponding prohibitions and restrictions can be traced back to a long history. Already in the 4th century BC, there was the first idea of ​​how it should be restricted and taxed. Games are officially banned in China to this day, even though they are very popular in China, for example in the form of mahjong.

Ancient Gambling

In Ancient Rome, although officially punished by law, all kinds of dice games were very popular in all areas. Dice games were only allowed on Saturnalia, the day of the big banquet. Roman law did not protect the losers of the game. Also, at that time, it was not possible to sue for a gambling debt. If lucky soldiers were captured, the house they were playing in was confiscated.

Lottery and Casino

Little by little, lottery games are also becoming more popular. At first, we were able to win important prizes by lottery, but later they were replaced by cash prizes. The proceeds were used for charitable purposes such as building a church. The number of lottery tickets known today began in Italy.

The world’s first casino was founded in 1638 at “Ridot” in Venice to allow
gambling to be expelled from back rooms and pubs and to allow the state to participate in huge markets. Anyone with the right budget can play here. Of course, the strict dress code had to be adhered to at all times. The most popular games at the time were Biribi and Bassette. Bassette is a combination of modern poker and blackjack. At that time, classics like roulette were becoming more and more popular.

Modern gambling

Slot machines have been around since the late 19th century. The first die machine went into operation in 1896 and the first roller machine went into operation in 1899. The latter soon became known as the “one-armed thief” and primarily represented good luck symbols such as bells and horseshoes and card symbols.

Today, online casinos play an important role in the field of gambling. The first gambling software was released in 1994. Not all countries allow virtual gambling. However, as the past has shown, gambling bans and restrictions are usually not permanent. As such, licensed online casinos can still offer games of chance like ace poker(에이스포커) or poker legally in Germany, but a few months ago this was not possible or only possible in Schleswig-Holstein. Ultimately, the state is always interested in regulated markets, which can also make money.