Poker – Mind Sport or A Game of Chance?

Poker is a well-known casino game enjoyed by many all over the world. Sun City (선시티) is among the poker gaming platforms that offer poker games to anyone who likes to engage in poker online. Regardless of its popularity, people have always debated if poker is considered an official mind sport or just a game of chance. In this post, we are going to discuss this subject and give you our own opinion at the end of this post.

Is Poker a Sport or a Game of Chance?

When you hear the word “sports”, you don’t think of poker first. Regardless, the world dictionary will tell you otherwise. The world-accepted dictionaries will tell you that poker falls under the realm of sports according to its definition. Sports is defined as “an activity in which an individual or a team competes with another person or individual for entertainment that requires physical activity or skills.”

Of course, poker may not require too much physical activity as compared to most known sports like basketball or football, however, poker will require skill and brainpower. Let’s look at the reasons why Poker should be well accepted as a sport and its players must be known as athletes.

Poker is fun

Ask the crowds who flock to Las Vegas or casinos around the world every year to see some of the best poker players in the world at work. Poker is an exciting experience that can change everything with one hand.

In this kind of game, the weak or complete stranger can beat the most determined player in the block. This is a sport where accidents can happen and happen frequently. Poker is pure entertainment (even in interesting costumes worn by some players). Otherwise, why broadcast?

Poker is a competition

If poker is a simple game, no one cares about the result, because the result is not important. Poker is competition. The best poker players are skilled players. The cards you get depend on luck, but magic depends on what you do with them. Here, they can apply their knowledge and thrive. Poker players have a past. They held a grudge, yearned for revenge, and beat each other with cards. Competition makes poker so exciting and makes it a sport!

Poker is tiring

Most poker players are unlikely to find anything impressive on the bench, but there is no doubt that playing poker involves physical labor. Try to concentrate for too many hours at a time and tell them that you are not completely exhausted!

In addition to the pure focus factor, the brains of poker players are also running at full speed. They must read the faces of other players, develop strategies, and distinguish themselves from less experienced players to enter the finals, keep their pace, but at the same time constantly “move.” You may not be able to do five-hour sit-ups, but make no mistake, because poker players are very strong.

Poker needs training

Have you ever heard of anyone training for the Monopoly game? How about the game of heaven and hell? I do not think so. Because poker is a very strict sport for all players, especially the winner. In order to achieve these major victories, poker players have read and absorbed all the knowledge they could find about the sport.

They work with professional trainers, learn under the guidance of instructors, and hone their skills through years of hard work. The game depends on luck. Exercise is dedication. Poker players do their best.

Our opinion?

Poker is a competitive game that requires the right skills and proper training. So is poker just a gamble? We think it isn’t. We consider Poker as a mind sport that deserves due acknowledgement from Sports Bodies around the world.